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Skiarea at the Fichtelberg

& InterSkiarea Fichtelberg - Klínovec

Travel Times
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Mountain: 1.214,79 m above sea level
Valley: 911 m above sea level

slope length

10 slopes
15,5 km

lift systems

1 cable car
1 quad chairlift
4 drag lifts


easy 6,8 km
medium 6,1 km
heavy 1,2 km 

transport capacity

per hour:
7.400 people


Number of snow-covered slopes approximately 12,1 km

Ski operation

daily from
09:00 am – 04:30 pm
(- 05:00 pm cable car)

further highlights

Floodlit slope on the main ski slope

75 km of cross-country ski trails and ski hiking trails

26 km Winter hiking trails

Toboggan run from Fichtelberg

Toboggan slope

modern artificial ice rink

production of snow


First of all, we would like to point out that the snow is not artificial snow with additives, which is why we are talking about technical snow.

The technical process for making machine-made snow mimics the natural formation in which small water droplets freeze and thus take the form of snow crystals.

In Oberwiesenthal in particular, the water required for this comes from a specially constructed reservoir. This storage container has a capacity of around 50.000 m³, which is sufficient for basic snow-making on the designated runs even without natural snow. This lake is fed by a natural stream.

As with the formation of natural snow, two media are required, air and water.Falling through layers of cold air removes the remaining heat from the water droplets, so that they cool down and crystallize in the process.For the production of technically produced snow, often also called artificial snow, two differently constructed snowmakers are usually used.One of them is the low pressure propeller cannon and the high pressure snow lance.

Both snow cannons are used in the Oberwiesenthal health resort.

Background and facts
source: VDS-Verband Deutscher Seilbahnen und Schlepplifte e.V.

slope preparation

Slope- /cross-country ski run preparation and maintenance in the Oberwiesenthal health resort ski area

The main tasks of slope maintenance are:

Repairs of slope damage caused by weather conditions and skiers (snow removal, snow path, milling of ice layers)

Optimal distribution of the snow on the slopes

The slope preparation in the Oberwiesenthal ski area, 16 kilometers of slopes and around 40 hectares of slopes, always takes place after the ski area is open, when the slopes are closed.
It is forbidden to enter or ski on the slopes during these closing times.There is a risk to life, especially when using winches.  

The grooming of the trails takes place every day in the early morning hours.The cross-country ski tracker attached to a snow groomer mills the snow behind the vehicle and loosens it up.Then it is pressed firmly over its entire width.The actual trails are formed by increased pressure in the snow.

For the classic style, ruts are pressed into the snow that guide the cross-country skis.

For the skating technique, on the other hand, a flattened strip of snow is necessary.

In order to protect the sensitive trail from destruction, hiking and driving on the trails prepared in this way are not permitted.

The cross-country skiing area in Oberwiesenthal includes over 75 km of cross-country skiing trails of various categories.