Fichtelberg Schwebebahn
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Übersicht der Rodelstrecken

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gesperrt / geschlossen R1 Rodelstrecke vom Fichtelberg 1,8 km mittelschwer


Rodelstrecke Hammerunterwiesenthal 300 m


unterhalb Panorama Hotel
160 m

geöffnet geöffnet   offen, nicht präpariert offen, nicht präpariert   teilweise befahrbar teilweise befahrbar   geschlossen geschlossen  

GPS-Karten mit freundlicher Genehmigung der Stadtverwaltung Oberwiesenthal



geöffnet geöffnet 


offen, nicht präpariert offen, nicht präpariert

offen, nicht präpariert open but not groomed

teilweise befahrbar teilweise befahrbar

teilweise befahrbar partially passable


geschlossen closed  

gesperrt/ geschlossen











Toboggan run rules

The natural toboggan run at Fichtelberg has a length of 1740m. You reach the starting point with the cableway/ Fichtelberg Schwebebahn, with the foursome chairlift/ Vierersesselift or by car.

The start of this wonderful toboggan run is directly on the Fichtelberg plateau behind the Fichtelberghaus. The toboggan run is only allowed to be used with classic and solid horn sleds.

The use of Bob's or similar sleds is absolutely not permitted, as a controlled valley run with such sports equipment is very complicated and nearly impossible.

The toboggan run goes through the dense spruce forest of the Fichtelberg area with flat and also steep curves. The route crosses once the t-bar lift and then the run-off stretch 9. Continue after the exit 9 to the Naturbaude "Eschenhof" where the toboggan run ends. Then it goes 300m on foot along the Vierenstraße. After this little walk, the next hill can be used for another small toboggan run. This one ends only a few meters away from the bottom station of the cableway/ Fichtelberg Schwebebahn, which can be used for another ascent of the Fichtelberg.

 The ADAC toboggan run test in 2011 tested in total 30 toboggan runs in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

The testers mixed in with the visitors between weekends and holidays between December 2010 and January 2011 and evaluated among other things the signposting and safety measures as well as the existence of mountain restaurants and public toilets.

The toboggan run in Kurort Oberwiesenthal, which begins on the highest mountain in Saxony with a length of 1740 m and a difference in altitude of 238 m, was one of the three winners!

At the ADAC toboggan run test in 2011, the toboggan run from the Fichtelberg received 3rd place in the European Championship and in Germany 2nd place.

For our small guests we offer a small sledding hill just below the „Panorama Hotels“ with a length of 160 meters.

Please note our information about how to use the toboggan run and the sledding hill and all information about tobogganing and sledding in general.


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