Fichtelberg Schwebebahn
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Winter Season 2018/2019

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Additionally, to every ticket 2,00 € deposit, except single trip tickets.

Please note that daily tickets and tickets with a value of less than
one day (for example hourly tickets) are only valid for the respective ski area
(Fichtelberg or Klinovec).
Tickets from 1.5 days are valid for the InterSkiregion Fichtelberg-Klinovec.


Pricelist InterSkiregion Fichtelberg - Klinovec - cross-boarder ticket
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How does our 1 + 1/2 day passes for the InterSkiregion Fichtelberg/Klinovéc work?

First day (full) + Second day until 1:00 pm


First day from 12 am + Second day (full)

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