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Snow grooming

Slope and cross country ski run grooming at the ski resort of Kurort Oberwiesenthal

The main tasks of snow grooming are:

  • Repairs of the slopes caused by the influence of weather and skiers (removing snow, moving snow, milling ice layers, etc.)
  • Optimal distribution of snow on the slopes

The slopes / cross-country trails on the Fichtelberg (1215 m) are equipped with six Pistenbullys of the companies Kässbohrer and Prinoth. Two of the Pistenbullys are equipped with a cable winch, which are especially used on steep slopes (black slopes) and other areas, which are difficult to maintain.The snow groomer is attached to various anchor points and prepares the slope hanging on the rope.


The main advantages of a winch snow groomer are:

  • Optimal preparation even from steep slopes
  •  The snow, which is always transported downhill by skiers and boarders, can be moved more effectively uphill with cable winch support
  • Due to the optimum synchronization of the forward movements between the snow groomer chain and the cable winch, the snow blower, attached to the back of the snow groomer, can produce excellent slope conditions.




The ten-millimetre-thick steel cable on which the snow groomer is attached is not visible in the dark. The anchor points of the winch of the snow groomer are located above the slope and the snow groomer itself can move up to 1000 m away from these anchor points. Especially dangerous is the lateral misalignment of the slope preparation. The rope can suddenly turn to the side when it cuts itself on a hill in the snow. With a cable, which pull of three tonnes, the contact with the cable is life threatening. This possible abrupt transverse movement of the cable on the slope is usually not considered by skiers.

The slope preparation in the Oberwiesenthal ski area includes 16 kilometres of slopes and approx. 40 hectares of skiable terrain. The preparation takes always place after the operation hours of the ski resort. During this time, all runs are closed.

During these closing times all entering and driving on the slopes is strictly forbidden. There is a danger to life especially when there is a snow groomer at a winch at work.


Normally during the night, three snow groomers prepare in up to 10 hours’ time the slopes of the whole ski resort. Various types of snow groomers are used for the preparation. The engine capacity of the individual vehicles are between 7.5 and 10 liters of displacement, and 300 to 450 hp, with an average diesel consumption of 22 liters per hour. During one night shift up to 400 kilometres are driven by the snow groomers to prepare the slopes optimally for skier. In one winter season, the snow groomers consume 65,000 litres of diesel.

The cross-country ski run preparation takes place every day in early morning hours. The cross-country track preparation equipment is installed at the rear of the snow groomer. It loosens and mills the snow. Afterwards, the snow is pressed over the entire width of the track. The actual cross-country trails itself are formed by increased pressure in the snow.

For the classical cross-country skiing style, deep grooves are pushed into the snow, which offers the cross-country skiers a conducted track. For the skating technique, however, a flat-rolled strip is necessary.

In order to protect the sensitive track from destruction, walking and driving on the cross-country skiing paths is not permitted.The cross-country ski runs in and around Oberwiesenthal offer 75 km of cross-country ski tracks with different difficulty levels.




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