Fichtelberg Schwebebahn
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Winterspaß 2020

HITRADIO RTL Winterspaß in Oberwiesenthal



13. + 14.01.2020

As part of the end-of-winter celebrations, you can look for to the event “Winterklassik 2020”. The Winterklassik´s will take place in March 2020.

A relaxed winter feeling awaits you with culinary pleasure, recreation and HITRADIO RTL live on the Fichtelberg!

Program will be announced shortly!

This event is part of the cooperation of the following local companies:

  • AHORN Hotels & Resorts
  • Fichtelberg Schwebebahn Kurort Oberwiesenthal
  • Elldus Resort
  • Vereinigten Skischule Oberwiesenthal
  • Jens Weissflog Hotel & Restaurant
  • LGOmbh
  • Rathaushotels Oberwiesenthal





We are looking for to a succesful and fun event and we are happy to welcome you there :)

Subject to change without notice!

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