Fichtelberg Schwebebahn
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Welcome to Germany's oldest aerial cableway!

Fichtelberg Schwebebahn, 2009
Fichtelberg Schwebebahn, 2009
Hauptskihang mit Funpark und Halfpipe
Hauptskihang mit Funpark und Halfpipe
Loipentor (Nähe Sachsenbaude)
Loipentor (privat: M. Ernst)

Enjoy a ride on the Fichtelberg Cable Car to the mountain station at 1,208 m (3,963 feet) above sea level at any time of the year.

The aerial cableway, opened in 1924, is a special landmark of the town of Oberwiesenthal. Germany´s oldest cable car turned 90 years in 2014.

Two cars, each carrying up to 44 passengers, run to the top of the highest mountain in Central Germany up to 90 times a day.

The difference in elevation is 303 meters (994 feet), and travel distance is 1.18 km (0.73 miles).

Leaving the valley or mountain station, respectively, normally every 15 minutes, it takes each car only about 3½ minutes to run up or down the Fichtelberg mountain.

So, enjoy the fantastic view of the scenic Ore Mountains during a ride!

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