Fichtelberg Schwebebahn
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In 2016 the natural ice rink (originally from 1926) was rebuilt in a new and modern artificial ice rink. The new ice rink consists if an area of 900 square meters.

The mayor advantage of an artificial ice rink is chance to keep the rink consistently open, even during warmer winters.

Original rink: 


Reconstruction phase 1: replacement of the boards


Reconstruction phase 2: installation of the floor insulation


Reconstruction phase 3: insertion of the rink piping


Reconstruction phase 4: replenishment with quartz sand



Reconstruction phase 5: installation of the generator


Reconstruction phase 6: installation of the artificial turf



The company ISS GmbH ICE, Sports & Solar  is a german business with their head quarters in 63329 Egelsbach.   The warehouse and production is located in 04552 Borna.





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